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We are absolutely OBSESSED with this week’s DIY. It combines all of our favourite things in a craft; easy, customizable, and super freakin’ adorable.

This DIY is also 2 DIY’s in one! We learned how to make pom poms, while also transforming the pom poms we made into the cutest little bunny rabbits!

We bought a pom pom maker (crazy that those even exist, right?) and a bunch of yarn from Michael’s! We created a big pom for the body and a small pom for the head and hot glued them together. After that, we glued on some felt ears, plastic beads for the eyes and nose, and that’s it! The cutest bunny you ever did see.

You could try this out and make little chicks, or any other Easter themed animals you might think of! The possibilities are truly endless.

Also! We’re trying something new this week! If you try this out yourself, tag us @coalandcanary using the hashtag #candcathome, and send us a screenshot of your post, we’ll provide you with a special super secret coupon code!

Check out how adorable the bunnies turned out, and where to get the supplies below!

Pom pom makers:

Multi-coloured yarn:

White yarn:



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