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fun fri-yay photo backdrop!

Remember when you would get ready with all your besties before going out? You would share lipstick, do each other’s hair, swap clothes, and right before you left for the night, you would take some super cute pics together?

Even though we can’t go out and party again yet, nothing is stopping you from taking the cutest selfies to keep your Insta feed on point. Inspired by Fake Lashes and Camera Flashes from our Girls’ Night Out collection, we took matters into our own hands and made a photo backdrop!

We got these hologram table cloths from the Dollar Store, cut them into strips, cut tiny strips along each long piece, stapled, twisted and voilà! They turned out to be the cutest, easiest accessories for a photo back drop (Don’t worry, we included a link to a page with more detailed instructions).

Please let us know if you try this yourself, and remember to tag us @coalandcanary using the hashtag #candcathome!

DIY Instructions:

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