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NAKANO fruit cutting challenge!

For this week’s DIY, we really tested our artistic skill set! We attempted carving fruit!

We were challenged by Nakano for their 2021 Fruit Carving challenge, and we absolutely HAD to accept. The submission with the most votes wins an amazing prize and we need your help! Click this link to vote for us until April 18th! :)

With a Pinterest board full of inspo, the entire produce section of Safeway, and some clay carving tools from Michael’s, we got to work.

It took a lot of trial and error and about 4 hours of our day, but we think it turned out SUPER cute.

This is such a fun centrepiece for a spring time patio picnic, and we can’t wait to attempt more fruit cutting this summer!

The only tool we used other than fruit and Exacto knife is linked below, and make sure to tag us @coalandcanary using the hashtag #candcathome so we can see your creations AND provide you with an exclusive coupon code to use on your next C&C purchase!

Clay carving tools:

YouTube tutorial on watermelon roses:

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