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st. paddy's day cupcakes!

St. Patty’s Day Heyyyyy!

This weeks C&C At Home project is coming a little early! St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on us, and we wanted to get creative with some cupcakes to celebrate!

We used a super simple confetti cupcake recipe, but this will work with any flavour! As always, feel free to make it your own.

We got some rainbow sour strip candy, some Rolo chocolates, gold sprinkles, and threw 'em all together to make a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

Pair the cupcakes with a green beer (or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice), light a C&C candle, and you’re ready to have the best St. Patty’s day at Home!

Here’s a link to our inspo, and don’t forget to tag us @coalandcanary using the #candcathome if you try this yourself!

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3 vex
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Steele Nickle
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