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Spring has (almost) sprung!

This month we've launched a BRAND NEW collection! We've created a three candle collection that combines everything that spring has to offer, think about that smell of walking through the fresh produce section at a market during peak harvest season (one of the best feelings ever, IMO). Everything is bright, luscious, fresh, and delicious! With scent notes of sweet basil, ripe tomato and fresh lettuce, you're sure to feel all the excitement and inspiration of the coming season. We give you the Farmer's Market Collection!

We've partnered with Shelmerdine Garden Center for this beautiful collection. In each candle box is a seed packet to grow your very own produce at home! How cool is that?!

Just like how plants need individual care, so do vegetables! Each seed packet has its own growing instructions, but we've added them all here to keep things simple for you at home! Check out the planting guides below for everything you need. Happy growing!

Sweet Basil

  1. Prepare your soil by mixing it with some garden soil and fertilizer to give them the best start

  2. Supply good drainage and lots of sunshine

  3. Pick when basil leaves look ready!

  4. Plant Sweet Basil seeds several times for a continuous supply until frost

Grow in full sun

Manitoba Heirloom Tomato

  1. Prepare your soil by mixing it with some garden soil and a fertilizer to give them the best start

  2. Plant them one inch deep in topsoil

  3. Water generously

  4. Keep feeding them throughout the summer

  5. Harvest when they are ready!

Grow in full sun. 65 days to maturity

Buttercrunch Lettuce

  1. Water the seeds 2 to 3 a day until they sprout, then continue watering them every 2 days until they are ready to plant

  2. Once your lettuce plants are ready for planting, make sure to give them sun and water daily

  3. Harvest when ready!

Grow in full sun. 67 days to maturity

You can head to Shelmerdine's website for additional info on all your gardening needs. Have a question? Don't be afraid to ask! Their expert advice can get you set on the right track for the perfect garden and have you planting your very own green thumb in no time! You can find their website here:


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