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cutest baby mobile!

This week, we decided to tackle a DIY based on one of our faves from our Celebration Collection; Chubby Cheeks and Flannel Sheets (Our new arrival candle)!

We thought making a mobile would be super fun! You can personalize the colours, imagery, and even make one for yourself!

Creating the mobile was super simple, all we did was super-glue some ribbon on a felt shape, place some stuffing on the felt, and super-glue another felt piece on top- making a puffy felt sandwich!

After that, we tied the felt ribbon to an embroidery hoop, beaded some colourful beads on to other ribbon for a fun textural element, and added some string to hang the mobile! That’s it!

We wanted to stick to Coal and Canary colours of course, but the possibilities are TRULY endless with how creative you can get with this one! As always, if you try this DIY yourself using the #candcathome and tag us @coalandcanary to get an exclusive coupon code!



Embroidery Hoop:


Assorted Ribbon from Michaels

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