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let's go glamping part 2 - the sequel!

Last week we took care of the dessert, and this week we’re taking care of the ambiance!

What’s the fun of Glamping at home without some fairy lights to set the mood? We figured this DIY would be a perfect transportable lighting scheme from the living room to the porch!

We found these spherical vases at Michael’s Craft Store (let’s be honest though… they’re probably available at Dollarama 😉), and spray painted them with a transparent pink spray paint. After that we added a gold glitter topcoat!

We grabbed some battery powered string lights, turned them on, stuck them in the vases and flipped them upside down!

This is such an easy and creative way to make fairy light lanterns. Feel free to switch up the colour, the shape of the vase, whatever you want! Get creative!

As always, all the supplies are below, and be sure to tag us @coalandcanary with the #candcathome!


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