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let's go glamping!

Glamping is a state of mind!! Just because we’re unable to go glamping outside with our besties this spring, doesn’t mean we can’t come up with new and creative ways to feel like we’re braving the great outdoors!

Let’s face it, dessert is the best part of ANY activity, and when we thought about camping desserts, our first thought was s’mores. Who says you need to be camping to indulge in some chocolate-y, marshmallow-y goodness??

This recipe we found on Pinterest is a super fun twist on a classic s’more… It’s made with super simple ingredients that were all found at our local grocery store! We also decided to get a little crazy and line the baking pan with marshmallows (that wasn’t a part of the written recipe 😉).

Are you going to try this at home? We can’t wait to keep sharing more DIY projects!

Here’s a link to the recipe we used! Please tag us on Instagram @coalandcanary using the hashtag #candcathome so we can see what you came up with!


May 28

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May 13

The recipe consists of basic items readily available at our nearby grocery shop. doodle baseball


Mark Millin
Mark Millin
Sep 13, 2023

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