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I Can See Queerly Now Personal Development Fund





Coal and Canary candle company is an LGBTQ+ and ally owned company. We recognize the under-representation of the LGBTQ+ community and want to promote individuals who want to build a strong foundation for their future. 


This grant is intended to be a helping hand for someone who strives to improve their life skills so they can live more independently. This money can be used towards tuition, online courses, a business investment, or you simply need childcare while you’re in school. 


Our Goal: To provide support and create a positive impact on the LGBTQ2S+ community. 


  1. LGBTQ2S+ community member.

  2. Canadian citizen.

  3. Committed to improving your employment opportunities by gaining a certification, qualification, or           investing in a business to increase your capacity to support yourself. 



Application Deadline: September 3, 2019


Award: $1000 + funds raised throughout the summer through the sales of “I Can See Queerly Now” candle. 

Photo of yourself
Optional attachments: cover letter, letters of support or other relevant attachments. We do not accept materials by mail or drop off.

Thanks for submitting!

Coal and Canary will decide the winner by September 10. Only the winner will be notified. 


If awarded “I Can See Queerly Now Personal Development Fund,” I give permission to Coal and Canary Candle Company to share my photo and biography on their social media channels and website. 


Upon completion of the project, I will submit a short post-event report with details of my experience that may be published on the Coal and Canary website. 

  • Grants will not be provided on a retroactive basis.

  • Funds must be spent on the project requested in the application.

  • All grant applications must be submitted electronically through the Coal and Canary website.

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