The best shows on Netflix Canada for your next date night

We're in the thick of winter, which means you must be in the mood to Netflix & Chill. If you're not, you've got some serious kahunas for braving the outdoors. Let's say you choose to stay in, now, the big question is, what should you watch?

Here are the shows and movies you need to watch, categorized in some real AF categories. We all know what you watch on a first date is much different than what you watch in a long term relationship, or even when you're alone on a Saturday night. Light up a Coal and Canary candle and get watching!

First dates/Casual Dating:

If you find yourself in a first date/hangout Netflix & Chill situation, there are a few things to consider. Do you want to cuddle? Laugh? Be scared? TV show or movie?

The "scary but not too scary + cuddle me" options:

  • You

  • Haunting of Hill House

  • Literally any episode of Black Mirror

The "let's watch an episode and see if we have the same type of humour" options:

  • The Office * Important to watch within the first couple of dates. If they do not like The Office, ABORT. ABORT THE SITUATION IMMEDIATELY.

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine

  • Friends

New relationships:

So you've been dating a few months. You've retired date night outs and moved on to binge watching Netflix together. Huge step. Wow, modern romance.

The "let's get so into a show that it's literally all we think about" options:

  • Ozark

  • LOVE

  • Queer Eye

  • American Vandal

  • Making a Murderer

  • The Sinner

The "let's find something we can just put on in the background" options:

  • The Office *again, if the person you are dating does NOT like The Office, get out now.

  • The Good Place

  • Magic for Humans

Comfy long-term relationships:

Okay, you are officially farting infront of each other.

The "I'm annoyed with you and don't feel like talking, lets turn on Netflix" options

  • Inception *because if either of you talk for a minimum of one second you have to restart the entire move.

  • Minute To Win It

  • The Break Up

  • The Staircase

  • Gone Girl *okay, maybe we're being a bit dramatic

The "I'm getting bored of watching "The Office", lets try something new and spicy" options:

  • Stranger Things

  • Any comedy special

  • Breaking Bad

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • RuPaul's Drag Race *duh


You love each other, a lot. But you also love the TV shows you love and you don't care if it means watching it alone on your side of the bed.

The "I' want new kitchen cabinets, but I need you to think it was your idea" options

  • Queer Eye

  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

  • Stay Here

  • Amazing Interiors

​​The "I'll watch on the iPad, you watch on the TV tonight" options:

  • Law and Order: SVU

  • The Good Wife

  • Scandal

  • How to Get Away With Murder

  • Storage Wars *popular among Dads


Everyone loves a good Netlix time alone. Plus, you can choose whatever you want to watch, without overheating next to someone else under the same blanket. That sounds like heaven.

​​The "I need something to watch every single night" options:

  • The Mindy Project

  • Scandal

  • New Girl

  • Schitt's Creek

  • The Office

The "movies you've probably seen 15 times"options:

  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before

  • How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

  • He's Just Not That Into You

  • The Holiday

  • Bridesmaids

  • The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants *can we all agree that this was and still is one of the best?

The "I should probably stop watching these crime shows/docs but i'm going to continue to scare myself to sleep" options:

  • Making a Murderer

  • Evil Genuis

  • Amanda Knox

  • Law and Order: SVU

  • Safe

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