#RealTalk with Kelsey

Our potlucks are getting a lot more fancy this week since we have our new CreComm student, Kelsey from RRC! We immediately bonded with her over podcasts, David Beckham, food and cocktails. She’s up next to pick the studio playlist. Read below to see what it’s going to be!

[if !supportLists]1. What Spice Girl would you be?

I would be Posh Spice, because I love all things bougie and I also would love to marry David Beckham.

2. If you were to write a self-help book, what would the title be?

How to Laugh at Yourself Before Anyone Else Does

3. What was your favourite rejected candle name?

Sweat Stains and Growing Pains

4. If you could make one food have no calories for the rest of time, what would it be?


5. What smell do you love?

Freshly-baked bread.

6. What smell do you hate?

Bug spray.

7. Tell us something that would surprise us about you?

I’m a walking encyclopedia of craft beer.

8. What is your most basic guilty pleasure?


9. What is your personal motto?

Beers not tears.

10. What job would you want if you didn’t work at Coal and Canary?

Food critic.

11. Who would you like to play you in a Hollywood film?

Emmy Rossum.

12. What is your go-to studio sing-along?

Rocky Horror Picture Show.

13. What is your favourite cocktail?

Old Fashioned.

14. Do you usually go with your head or your heart?


15. What makes you smile?

When I see the waiter coming with my food.

16. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

I would go back and undo all the embarrassing things I’ve ever done.

17. If you spent a day watching movies when you should have been at work, is it time wasted or well spent?

It depends which movies you watch, but 99% of the time, time well-spent.

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