Our 7 Favourite Shops at Third + Bird

Every year it gets harder and harder to not blow all of our hard earned money in one weekend at Third + Bird. There is endless talent and creativity in Manitoba, and we get so excited to see new talent blossoming in our community. Our booth, and all of the rest of them, are busy the entire weekend, so we need to come to work early those days if we want to shop — and we do.

I want to make it clear that we basically love EVERYTHING there, but here are our top seven shops that we will be running to so we can get first dibs on all of their stuff.

Kate and Norah

Named after Jenni’s children, Kate and Norah Co is a go-to stop if you have kids, plants, or just gorge style. Her mud cloth catch-alls hold anything from plants to pens to playthings and also her children should be in a magazine. They look like little dolls. Seriously, go look at the heirloom play tents and try not to buy one for your nieces or whatever.

Knits By Che

Che has been knitting since elementary school and started her business with encouragement from her friends — and thank god she did because they are soooo cute!

Cold Hands Cermaics

Three years old and killing the ceramics game, we love Cold Hands Ceramics. We’re living for the beautiful mugs and we just saw super cute tealight holders and we want them. Maybe we should start making tealights???

Wendi Whale

You can get these super cute whales in our store at The Forks, but we're really hoping shes bringing an assortment of baby sharks (doo doo doo doo doo doo), hermit crabs and squids to Third + Bird because WE WANT THEM ALL.

Huron Woodwork

Our buddy at Huron Wordwork is always creating new things and we love him for it. Our current obsession is the Manitoba shaped cribbage boards and those cute boards that you use to measure your kid's height. Great gift for new parents!

Dimi Gallery

We're moving offices early in the new year and we want all of her prints to cover our office walls. It's such a meaningful gift for Manitobans or ex-Manitobans to remember home. We love our province and we love to show off the talent here!

Naked Skincare & Apothecary

We feel like this is something that would be sold at Rose Apothecary — if you don't watch Schitt's Creek then get on our level! Natural and minimalist skincare created to give you confidence and embrace your naked face. We need that because sometimes we are rushed in the morning and don't have time to glam up our faces. It would be nice if we had that naked glow.

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