#RealTalk with Naomi Kroeker

This smiley lady is Naomi, shes passionate about people and is a fierce friend. Off work you'll find her reading at one of the local coffee shops, singing harmony to every song or playing at a splash park with her niece and nephew. On the job you'll find Naomi smiling and having a fabulous time with occasional awkward dancing to songs. Nicknames are so common to this girl so choose which ever you like, Noms, NomNom, Nomechompski, Nomerface, Nomi, Nomesville, Nao, there are plenty more!! This girl is excited to be a part of the Coal and Canary family.

1. What Spice Girl would you be? Baby spice, positivity through and through 2. If you were to write a self-help book, what would the title be? Mental Health Realness 3. What was your favourite rejected candle name? Cant say I know of any, I can however tell you my fav candle is chunky knit sweater. Girl loves fall and all of the basic fall things. 4. If you could make one food have no calories for the rest of time, what would it be? Do delicious lime margaritas count?? If so then yaaaaaaassss to the lime margaritas. If not then Rollkuchen (a German mennonite pastry) 5. What smell do you love? Pumpkin spice, sandalwood, bergamot, patchouli, pine, LAVENDER etc. 6. What smell do you hate? All I can think of are nasty smells.. don't want to plague you with the gross things I'm thinking... eg. Eggs... bleh 7. Tell us something that would surprise us about you? I have a rare heart condition. My heart was essentially backwards in my body when I was born so we had to re-route my heart. Other than that I also dream about choreographing dances in my sleep though I've never danced in my life.. other than super awkwardly. 8. What is your most basic guilty pleasure? Pumpkin spice frappuccino blended creme in fall.. soo I'm BASICally a typical basic fall lady 9. What is your personal motto? Get coffee or die trying 10. What job would you want if you didn’t work at Coal and Canary? Own my own soup shop 11. Who would you like to play you in a Hollywood film? Naomi smalls, she fierce 12. What is your go-to studio sing-along? All the 80s and 90s music!! 13. What is your favourite cocktail? Lime margaritas or caesars 14. Do you usually go with your head or your heart? Heart wins, every.single.time 15. What makes you smile? My husband and my cat Lemon, family, coffee, reading outside, children, thunderstorms.. the list may get real long 16. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? Absolutely nothing. Everything you do helps build the person you are today. 17. If you spent a day watching movies when you should have been at work, is it time wasted or well spent Depends, am I sick? Then well spent.. movies soothe the soul. If not then probably wasted, however sometimes people need time to chill and that's okay

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