3 Reasons Why OhDoughnuts Is All You Need in Your Life

If you’ve been keeping with us, you know that we loooove doughnuts. That being said, it’s obvious that OhDoughnuts is one of our favourite places ever. Like ever. Located in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg, OhDoughnuts creates new, insanely delicious tasting and looking flavours.

1. OhDoughnuts are the definition of gourmet!

Amanda, the owner of Oh Doughnuts, took over the Winnipeg food scene by storm after opening the store in 2016. While you will always be able to find the classics there, Oh Doughnuts will blow your mind with their super creative flavors. Chicago Mix, cherry cheesecake, ube, butter tart cheesecake are just a few of them. Oh, and they even have an everything bagel doughnut. SAY WHAT?!

2. They're not just delicious desserts, they do great things for the WORLD!

Amanda sources as many local ingredients as possible and their packging is designed to be completely compostable and recyclable. They don't sell any type of plastic or single serve items, and compostable straws are only given when requested. This won’t make us feel bad for munching on too many doughnuts in one seating. Like, when you're eating a doughnut from there you're basically saving the world soooo.

3. Oh Doughnuts also thinks about our vegan and gluten free friends.

Every day, they make several doughnuts that do not contain dairy, eggs, or animal by-products. They also make gluten free doughnuts multiple times a week. We love that they work these different kinds of doughnuts into their menu. Is this what vegan paradise looks like?!

Just a picture of what our dream life would be like

Head over to their Instagram to take a look at their intriguing flavours, and visit them at 326 Broadway. Oh, and they’re in multiple coffee shops throughout Winnipeg because isn’t coffee and doughnuts a match made in heaven? Visit their website for more information.

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