Olfactory Fatigue — what is that?

HALP! I can’t smell my candle anymore.

It’s the reason I bought the candle, and I could smell it before, but now I can’t. Coal and Canary, WHY?!

Once in a while, Coal and Canary gets an email like this. Our candles are designed so the scent will fill a room, but also be “scentsitive” to people who get headaches from strong smells. Our candles are phthalate free, so they don't cause migranes and headaches for people who are sensitive to smells.

It’s true some of our scents are subtler than others, but you should be able to smell all of our candles when you enter a room.

Also, your brain can get olfactory fatigue after about 10 minutes of burning a candle. Basically, that means our brains have had enough of that scent and they switch it off so you can’t smell it anymore.

It’s just like when people walk into our studio and tell us how amazing it smells in here — none of us can smell it anymore!

Want a solution? Leave the room for a few minutes, clear your nose and go back in. Hallelu! The scent is back and your candles are saved.

Here are some subtle and stronger scents examples from our current collections!

Subtler Scents:

Good Beats & Eatin' Sweets

Wedding Kisses & Lifelong Wishes

Maple Liqueurs & Snow Capped Firs

Loose Leaf Teas & Downhill Skis

From The Heart Lemon Tart

Stronger Scents:

Fresh AIr & Polar Bears

Chubby Cheeks & Flannel Sheets

Great Complexion & No Reception

Champagne Flutes & Birthday Suits

Wood Stoves & Fine Merlots

All I Want Fir Xmas

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Hand-poured in Winnipeg, Canada.

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