Our Fab Five Tribute

All of the things are happening today!

First, our new Girls' Night Out Collection is officially at Sephora — and those truly are a FABULOUS group of five, but Queer Eye season two is also launching on Netflix, so we HAD to do something for our queens!

We're so excited we actually can't concentrate at work, so we made this tribute video that you need to spend the next 48 seconds watching.

And obviously we made each of the Fab Five a custom candle:

Hunny, we know Bobby Berk is the most under appreciated member of the group. Hiiii, you just spent days renoing a home and then Tan buys a suit jacket and everyone is (rightfully) like OH EM GEE you look AMAZING! Oh yeah, this room looks super good too.

Antoni! Meeeoooww.

Your thirst traps have all of us shook. You're serving us sexy, you're serving us cute, you're serving us Mexican and hotdogs. We realize you probably made other things on the show too, but why do they always come back to Mexican? Not that we're complaining, it's actually so funny that everyone thinks guacamole when they see you.

Karamo, quit making us cry! Also, we cannot get over your abs. If you ever feel the need to cradle one of us like a baby and rock us to sleep, we're in. Can you come to Canada and make us a scrapbook? Please?

We volunteer as tribute for JVN to come transform our hair into the strands of goddesses, just like hers, henny. Everything he says makes us laugh, smile, or ugly cry because our hearts are so warmed by the love he gives off. WE LOVE YOU, Jonathan!

Tan is giving Jonathan a run for his money with his silver fox style. How did we live our lives without knowing the Fab Five? Our little Tanny is serving glow ups all. day. long. and we will never get enough of it.

P.S. we made these candles for our Queer Eye shine, NOT FOR SALE! Love you though xo

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