Spice Up Your Caesars

The best part of a Caesar is clearly the salt rim, right? We obviously love a great cocktail, which is why we are so excited to carry Salta Paloma in stores. This company makes a collection of amazing salt rimmers.

If you feel like you deserve more than just the classic table salt, then you have to try Salty Paloma. These drink rimmers will elevate any drink at any time.

Amanda Chen, founder, knew that if she was going to bring another salt rim into the world, it had to be different. Sooo, what makes Salta Paloma different?

Grapefruit! YUMM.

Check out their yummy flavours:

Fiesta, the OG salt, with lime and grapefruit.

Heartbreaker, the sweetheart, made with raw cane sugar and grapefruit.

Dynamite, for the sassy girl of the bunch, with dark chocolate and chili.

Havana, for the mojito lover, with raw cane sugar, grapefruit, lime, and mint.

Maria, this one is for all you Caesar ladies.

Visit Salty Paloma on their Website and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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