Benson's Booty Bootcamp

We’re getting a head start on our beach bodies this year by doing Team Wherk with Winnipeg’s finest fitness realness experts.

Mike Benson from Pro Player U reached out to us, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to keep fit and have fun.

Mike is the owner and head performance coach of Pro Player U, an Acadia University Axemen grad, and a Winnipeg-born babe. He is also entering his 7th year in the CFL as a linebacker and long snapper — currently with the BC Lions, but he has also played for the Edmonton Eskimos and the Toronto Argonauts.

If that’s not impressive enough, Mike spent the 2011 off-season training with the Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh team. Ummm that reminds me, have you guys seen Cool Runnings? So good.

In the last six years as a professional football player, Mike has had the ability to train with, learn and collaborate with some of the most knowledgeable performance coaches in the nation. So, we trust that he knows what he’s talking about when he says pizza is a whole food because it’s a circle. We are choosing to believe that’s real and not a joke.

After studying Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba, Mike switched his academic pursuit from Nutritional Sciences to Community Development and Business, where he grew a dedication to spending time within the community, educating children both on and off the field — ummmm so cute. Also, he’s not single, so calm down, ladies. We asked.

Today Mike stands as an ambassador for Cvet’s Pets and donates his time to various charities on subjects in Winnipeg regarding issues on domestic violence and mental health.

Yes, he’s real. And he sat down with us to answer our “burning questions,” and gave us a workout to get our butt in gear!

When is the best time to workout?

Any time of the day is fine. Your body will get used to that routine, and you will start to feel your optimal self around that time. You can sleep in every day and you can feel good and be awesome.

What is the best post workout snack?

If you are in a rush: chomo. You get protein and carbs!

If you have more time go for something more “protieny” like meat or a banana. Bananas are easy to metabolize to help replace lost carbohydrates. Mike also recommends eating about an hour before you workout so you don’t feel sick during your workout.

What do I have to do to work-off four peanut butter cups?

Don’t spend hours on end on the treadmill!

Try the option below for a much more effective workout.

Interval sprints - get heart rate going

High intensity strength training – lower reps heavier weight

Primary strength exercise – high intensity circuit

With general strength training you burn about 200 calories every 30 minutes.

Do proper strength training and you bump it up to 250-300 calories and you are out of the gym in 30 minutes. We’re here for that!

What are ways to stay active throughout the day when you work a desk job?

Do micro breaks! Take a lap around the office when you have to go to the bathroom. When you come back do some light stretching to loosen up and feel better. You can be done in about three minutes and it will make a big difference.

Try these before you sit down again:

Ankle rotations

Hip flexor mobility

Cat camel/cat cows

Threading the needles

Shoulder circles

How can I make my butt bigger?

Do lower reps with a higher weight.




Romanian deadlifts

Hip thrusts

Bulgarian split squats

What are Benson’s Booty Bootcamps like?

No burpee rule

No mountain climbers — YAS!

There is strength and mobility training and interval circuits. Mike incorporates a lot of fun things to keep your heart rate up and adds in a little competition at the end.

He also says he’s got the best music at any bootcamp guaranteed! And with Whitney Wednesdays, we’ve got to agree.

What are some popular workout myths?

The longer you spend in the gym the more benefit you will get from in.

You need recovery to allow growth –you should never feel exhausted to the point that you can’t do certain exercises at the gym.

Fasted cardio is bad times. Your body will not burn more calories on an empty stomach.

You can get more information on Benson’s Booty Bootcamp here. Our whole team had an absolute blast and we can’t wait to work with Mike again.

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