Treat Yo' Self to Utoffeea

You can now come to Coal and Canary to fuel your toffee addiction! We made an announcement on our Instagram Story about this sweet treat and the messages are already pouring in about their excitement for Utoffeea year-round!

If you haven’t had this sweet and savoury goodness made with swirled chocolate, layered cashews and buttery toffee then you are really doing yourself a disservice. It’s gluten-free too!

The Coal and Canary team thought we were missing some sugary goodness in our store. When we light a candle we like to relax and treat ourselves, so naturally Utoffeea came to mind right away.

Cate, the owner of Utoffeea told us a little bit about herself and basically she is the cutest and she couldn’t be a better fit for our store. We are also over the moon that we don’t have to wait for the markets to get our hot little hands on this delicacy.

Cate’s husband, who is her high school sweetheart, does the business side of Utoffeea. Together, they have four children, and she LOVES to cook for them. Whether it’s tacos or toffee, Cate is always whipping something up in the kitchen.

“I have been in the kitchen since I made my first bacth of bannock in elementary school. Seriously, I was a born foodie!” says Cate.

In 2012 she made her first batch of toffee and Utoffeea was born. #bless

She started by selling to businesses for corporate events and at markets, and now, she has sold over 5000 bags last year alone and growning! Cate has been refining the recipe for the last six years. We would say she has perfected it!

Cate loves to support local products herself, and always has her cupboard stocked with Smak Dab. She makes sure to load up on goods from Old Church Bakery, Little Orchard Co., Happy Dance Hummus and the Minty & Bright Coal and Canary candle at every show!

“I decided to let Coal and Canary be my first — and only, for the time being — wholesaler because I like their energy as a company. It’s cool to see a Winnipeg company rock the house, and it seemed like a unique partnership,” says Cate. “I also like that my product won’t be on the shelf with 12 other treats…I’m a bit of a diva that way!”

Awe shucks!

We hoped and prayed after we pressed send on the email requesting Utoffeea that she would say yes. The universe was on our side! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, but actually any day. Plus, a candle and Utoffeea is something you can both enjoy ;).

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