Our 8 Favourite Things from the Golden Globes

Well, not us, but our candles went to the nominees and presenters in the GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge. But it’s like two degrees of separation between A-list celebs and us and that’s A LOT closer than we are now, so we’ll count it as a win.

We always thought gold was our colour, though...

1. THE WOMEN KILLED IT THIS YEAR! Being a part of this prestigious awards ceremony is an honour, but in particular THIS Golden Globes was fierce, inspiring and more that we ever could have hoped for.

We posted our unsought picks for Golden Globe wins, and we were way off. We guessed one correctly: James Franco for best actor in a comedy. There is a lot of debate around the studio about James Franco. We're not going to get into it, but all of us can agree that the bromance between him and Seth Rogan is the cutest.

2. The way Seth Rogan waved to James Franco when he was on stage was like, “I love you, dad, I’m so proud of you. Can’t wait to eat pizza with you later.” Also, Seth Rogan was hilarious when he said Tommy Wiseau looks like a vampire dressed up as Johhny Depp. 😂

3. Sarah Paulson GAVE US CHILLS and Elisabeth Moss, ummmm, I think we have something in our eyes. The tears were constant after our queen, Oprah, took the stage. There was a shift and holy cow we felt it.

4. Frances McDormand. It's hard to keep up with all of the celebs when you are busy adulting and trying to work, workout, maintain friendships and also have decent amount of time to Netflix and chill, but she flew under our radar and now we are obsessed with her.

5. Jennifer Aniston, you are talented, you are lovely, you are who we would want to be bff with in Hollywood. But HOW do you get more gorgeous and loveable every year?

6. Aziz! – You have done a lot of cool things, but we have to thank you for “treat yo’ self,” because that is now the phrase of our generation and we're going to blame you for the extra 15 lbs we carry around.

7. MERYL - “Ryan Gosling, like all the nicest people, is Canadian.” THANK YOU, WE LOVE YOU!

8. Natalie Portman: I think the only way to put this is: You are the tits! Cause having balls means nothing.

We feel like we should probably just see Ladybird already because it was nominated for everything.

This year is shaping up to be pretty great already. Now, we’re going for EGGGOT — that’s Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe, Oscar and Tony. #GOALS

Also, since we have already done the Oscars, Grammys and now Golden Globes we are already more than half way there and we feel like that’s a good place to start our goals. It feels like we accomplished more that way, ya know?

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