Our Favourite Things in 2017

We basically started Our Favourite Things Giveaway because we wanted to be like Oprah and be like “you get a prize, you get a prize, EVERYONE gets a prize!!!!!” but we actually only have one really awesome prize. We need something to strive towards for the future though. #GOALS

Also, this was equally the easiest and the hardest collection of items to pick. THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING MAKERS! Especially here in Manitoba — like for realizes the talent here at home is phenom. We also have a list like a mile and a half long of other things that are our favourite, but trust us, they aren’t going anywhere and hopefully they will be willing to take part in this giveaway next year.

Here's who we chose this year are why:

Jenna Rae Cakes – One, we love Jenna and her sister, Ashley. Like, hello gorge twins that kick-ass at everything. Jenna carries around her hockey gear in a bag she could literally fit in, Ashley is an Instagram queen and haiiii, we’ll take 12 of everything you two sell plz and thx.

Mud + Stone – Do you have any idea how many times per day we eat? Couple that with how many photos we take and I’m sorry, but your food and beverages just become waaaaaaayyyyyy more Instagrammable when you have it in/on/around Mud + Stone products. After seeing these mugs we don’t want to drink our coffee out of anything else. The items are perfect and we are obsessed them.

Sugar Blossom – KA-UTE pieces. Like, try to pick just one item. If you want your friend with a little one to gush over your gift then seriously go buy them matching bracelets. We might jut start having babies so we can buy them matching outfits and we will rule social media with our cuteness.

Smak Dab – Possibly the best condiment of all time. Don’t get the team started on this one because there is some debate, but if you have ever tried Smak Dab, then it’s hard to disagree. Created by Carly, a Red Seal Chef, these mustards are a serious wow for your taste buds. YUMZA!

Knits N’ Knots – WE’RE ACTUALLY DYING THESE HATS ARE SO CUTE. Do we even need to talk about this? No. Go look and see for yourself.

Abiding Citizen – If there is one thing we love more than eating and social media, it’s drinking delicious cocktails. A heartfelt thank-you to Abiding Citizen for exisisting and making us seem like we are real adults who can throw real parties with impressive drinks. Take that, classy Jen.

Park and Buzz - This queen bee has been killing in the jewelry scene. Amanda Park had her product featured in the Academy Award and Grammy swag bags —she's in good company! Pick up her gorge, and affordable jewelry at our store at 1 Forks Market Road.

Prairie Woodsman – There are two kinds of beards: One that is like Mutt’s from Schitt’s Creek where you are like, please come over here and let me stroke your beard — Alexis’ reaction was TOTALLY appropriate in season 2 episode 6 BTW. And then ones like Brad Pitt. We love you so much, but no. TG for products like Prairie Woodman to help get that those stragglers under control. Thank you on behalf of anyone kissing dudes with facial hair.

Beeproject Apiaries - Honey, we love honey. It’s also made by Winnipeg’s very own bees — and Chris and Lindsay. These two are helping to spread the conversation about local food and food security, which is super important. We like to kid around, but seriously don’t threaten our food supply. Stop and chat with them at BeeSpace at 196 Osborne. Also, buy some honey.

Artifact Skin Co. – Basically, we love Artifact Skin Co. because they are just like us in so many ways. They hand-pour all of their products in small batches using only the highest-quality of ingredients and are a growing Canadian company. We recently decided to carry their product in our store and we are so happy we did!

Bathorium – We can barely keep these products in stock. Have you tried the Charcoal Garden Detox? Because if you haven’t you should probably stop what you are doing, light a candle, pour a bath and let Bathorium do its work. #NoRegrets

state of grace. – Just lol. Everything this company makes is hilarious and it’s the reason graphic Ts are allowed at work.

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