Tom's Moving to France. Wah!

It turns out Tom’s got the brains to back that attitude up. Jk Jk, we know he’s a smart cookie.

We’re super happy, and also a little sad, to announce that our co-diva and lead drama kween is leaving our studio temporariliy to go to school at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. They only accept 12 students per year, so not to brag, but this is kind of a big deal.

Fun fact that we got off Google: there are less perfumers than there are astronauts.

Grasse is the birthplace of the world’s perfume industry. Tom is going to learn how to sniff out every difference between hundreds of ingredients and then create his own scents. At the end of it he’s going to come out with an International technical degree in fragrance creation and sensory evaluation.

Tom literally gets to prance around in fields of jasmine, roses, lavender and other delicate flowers. He also needs to do chemistry and know how scents react to one another though, so there’s that.

So what does this mean for Coal and Canary? It’s a full year of Tom in Grasse, hitting the books and becoming an expert perfumer so he can come back and open the door for other awesome products like shampoos, shower gels, creams and ummm, yeah, perfume!

Don’t worry ladies, Tom will still be living in your phone and sissying that walk from the other side of the world and showing us what it’s like to live his life of glamour.

We’re all hoping it means all French boys, all the time. They have Tinder there, right?

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