The Forks Opening Recap

So you missed out on our grand opening and our free votive and meeting all of our new sassy staff, did ya? It's like you guyz have lives or something?!

It's okay, we'll forgive you, as long as you come say hi and spoil yourself with a new candle and maybe a bath bomb from Bathorium, and maybe a chocolate from Alicja Confections because all of those things go really well together and you deserve it.

Just in case you didn't know, we have our exclusive Pool Toys & Cabana Boys candle back and only available in our store. In fact, we're featuring that candle because it's Tom's favourite. Here's what he has to say about it:

Close your eyes. Picture a tall, tanned and jacked man cleaning your pool and passing you refreshments as you lay on your inflatable unicorn with a rainbow tail. Take a deep breath in. What’s that scent? Jungle moss, mandarin, hibiscus, and amber. Why? Because that’s what a hot man smells like.

Jungle moss has that fresh and primal scent you can't not love. Mandarin is known to calm nerves, so it's a perfect date night scent; hibiscus is sweet and alluring — just like me; and amber is the name of the style of my wig, so, yeah.

Amanda chose our Birthday Candle as her current favourite:

Treat yourself. This genie in a glass container gives you a reason to make a wish every time you light her up. Manicures that never grow out? Cake with no calories? Brad Pitt on the beach? For that second when you blow out the Birthday Candle, it’s yours ;)

Vanilla bean is a natural mood-enhancing scent, and how can you be mad when the room smells like birthday cake, vanilla bean, and almond?! It’s our twist on a classic scent because at Coal and Canary, we like to do things just a little different.

What would you wish for?

I actually think that we know what we would wish for, and that is a full eight hours of sleep every night and then enough time in the day to do everything we want to do.

We've got our Holiday Collection out at the store and ready to sniff. Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum is like heaven in a glass. I know eggnog is like heaven in a glass, but this is different.

We really want you to come check out our selfie wall and strike your best pose. We have new balloons from Glitter and Glue Party Boxes that are sups cute. #AllGoldEverything

Come say HAIIII!


Amanda and Tom

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