B.C. Trip & New Ford Whip

You may have noticed a couple weeks ago that I peaced out to B.C. for an overnighter with 15 other cool peeps from across Canada. It was right when our busy season started and we were doing construction on our store, so Amanda was left to do all the work and I got to play. #sorrynotsorry

When life hands you a #FordWellness opportunity, you take it!

The one day vacay started with an early morning trip to the airport and breakfast at Finch Salon when we arrived. I don’t like to do anything on an empty stomach, so this was a perfect start to the trip.

I got to meet all the other blogger kweens and then I was paired up with Shayna from A Pop of Colour. She writes about beauty and wellness, so we became immediate BFFs after grilling her on which face lotion I should be using to look 13 again.

I offered to drive the Ford Edge because you basically don’t even need to drive it. Like, you do, but it also has this lane keeping system that beeps when you are drifting over. I like to sing and talk with my hands a lot, so this is a key feature. The speakers are also out of control, so Shayna could actually hear the music over my singing — but I don’t know why she would want to because I have been called the songbird of our time…

It was raining and the wipers came on by themselves so I didn’t have to deal with figuring out which way makes it go faster and slower and then it being too fast and then too slow, so that was a huge stress relief. You laugh, but remember this next time you are driving a new car and it’s raining and you can’t get it right. It’s a frustration you just should not have to deal with. Now I don’t, so thanks for that for realz.

Also when you turn on cruise control it slows down if you get too close to another vehicle. This is amazing in case you get into a heated debate about Aja being on RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars season 3. Sometimes you need to throw a little shade to get your point across. Then when the granny driver gets out of your way it speeds up again. Hi Ford, thanks for the safety and still getting me places quickly.

Okay, so we went on this beautiful ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Gibson’s Landing and our first stop was Smitty’s Oyster Bar — someone must have warned Ford that I get hangry because there was no lack of food on this trip. Thank God the Ford Edge has huge comfy seats for my ever-expanding ass after this vacation. Also we learned how to shuck oysters, which will be useful for when I move somewhere along the ocean with my hot husband and we go for walks during low tide and harvest our dinner.

Next we drove to Robert’s Creek for some yoga on the pier. It was time to really let my basic bitch be free. I needed this.

We hopped back into the SUVs and went to an olive oil tasting café for an app and then arrived at the Painted Boat Resort.

It. Was. Gorgeous.

My life was amazing there. We each had our own massive two-bedroom apartment with a loft, and a view of the water, and a little patio with a barbeque. The fridges were stocked with green juice and vegan chocolate for us and I want to go live the rest of my life there. And I would have if Jess Findlay, nature photog extrordinaire wasn’t waiting for me to teach me how to make things look beautiful with my camera besides using the valentia filter.

Then we chilled out and bonded over the gorge scenery and the delicious food we had already eaten and were about to eat again.

Dinner was actually 1700000 courses. I enjoyed every bite. Especially the prosecco and caviar tasting. #fancy

I was so full so thank the lord that the next event was an astronomy lesson because I needed to be horizontal. I can now point out constellations and the next time I make Amanda drive through the night to a show I can tell her about them through the moon roof of the Ford Explorer. Wait, can we borrow that vehicle again Ford, PLZ?!

There was an EPIC s’more bar tho, and I couldn’t say no. The chocolate was just sitting there, looking at me saying, “Please, Tom. Melt that marshmellow to a golden brown and smush it between two graham crackers and let me melt just a little bit before you bite into me.” And it was asking so nicely, so I did it.

After that I was officially in a food coma and went to sleep.

In the morning we woke up to a breakfast buffet…don’t even talk to me about the calories I consumed in these two days. Shayna and I got a different vehicle, the Ford Explorer, which is what Amanda and I had the week before. The seats give you massages and lumbar support and I need that because I am getting old and body parts are starting to hurt.

The drive was super easy with the Ford Explorer on the steep roads. I drove for like six hours and loved every second of it.

Fun fact: Millenials love SUVs. I never thought about that, but I have one, Amanda has one, and another member of our Coal and Canary team has one. We have moved locations several times and we do pop-up shops, store openings, shows, and Coal and Canary fun days. We need the room. SUVs are the fastest-growing segment globally, and in Canada for automotives. I actually have half of my apartment in my vehicle right meow. Don’t rob it though, K?

Overall, I loved that trip. I loved both Fords. I loved the poncho that Ford gave me and I refuse to even bring it to work because I think everyone will love it too much and then be obsessed with it and I just don’t want to be distracting my employees like that. Thank you, Ford Canada!



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