Ford’s Weekend of Wellness #fordwellness

Ford’s Weekend of Wellness has got us like, “oh yeah, that’s what it’s like to relax.”

As entrepreneurs it’s hard to find balance between #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk and play — especially because sometimes work is really fun and we like it there. We forget we need a break and it’s important to have a life too because I’m sure people might want to talk to us about something other than candles.

So #1 THANK YOU FORD for bringing us back to life and recharging our body and souls.

Let me tell you ‘bout it.

This truck won us over immediately because of one key element: there is SO MUCH room to shimmy and shake all over the place. That was literally before we even turned on the vehicle and Demi came on there was a lot of arm flailing — in the most elegant possible way.

We jumped on this opportunity from Ford, well, because we’re not going to refuse a weekend of wellness, but also because one of Ford’s mottos is that there is always room to grow and explore more, which we can relate to. We opened our first storefront this year, got our first national retailer, Tom got and AMAZING opportunity in France and we are always ready to take on more things — to the dismay of our office manager who likes to be on top of things. It always gets done, Allison!

Ford is all about ultimate comfort. You can tell that the second you step into the truck and your soft leather chair MASSAGES YOU. You read that correctly. We’re also all about that life. We sell premium loungewear at our store and more often than not it is appropriate work apparel. A few of us have matching graphic Ts and that’s okay.

So off we went to the hammam at Ten Spa. Rough life, am I right, ladies? Great start to our day.

Next up was WPG Cycle to burn off the donuts we constantly eat. Tom likes it because you can dance and ride at the same time — and he was an athlete like 45 years ago, but he still can beat the rest of the class and win the day. GOOD FOR YOU, TOM.

Let me just tell you about this though: the Blind Spot Information System #BLISS. The actual acronym is #BSIS and I don’t know if Ford planned that, but seriously it’s Ah-Ma-Zing. If they did plan that then they are all geniuses. “Hi car I didn’t see and was going to hit you, my truck is so smart it told me to watch myself and now we are all safe. Yay!” Also for parking though… Hallelu! This truck does math to tell me if I can park here. Ummmm, thank you, truck.

Oh, and Park Out Assist for losers who park so close to you and you can’t get out. SERIOUSLY?!

The other super amazing thing about this truck is that it’s helps you not be a d#ck on the road. It senses when cars are coming on the highway and shuts off your high beams for you! We hate getting blinded, so we don’t need that karma in our lives.

They also have this thing called the Cross Traffic Alert and Lane-Keeping System, because sometimes we are really busy (actually, all times. We make like, a gazillion candles per day), and sometimes we need to get McDonald’s on the fly and we eat it in the car — is that still legal? — and sometimes you drift over and the truck is like, “I got you,” and just drifts right back and also lets you know that you need to stop dipping your fries in the ketchup and drive. Fair.

Okay, as if this day wasn’t already, then we went to Boon Burger to eat all the things and have all the sauces. It’s just hard to believe that this is healthy, but I do believe it and we will continue to eat there because we want to.

Then it was time to sashay to Sky Zone. It was nice being able to multitask by getting our tan on through the moon roof and drive at the same time. Sky Zone was so fun! Tom was doing all these flips because he was a gymnast as a baby apparently, but we actually had a blast the entire time.

We were exhausted at the end of the day, which is typical, but we also felt refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the week.

Check out this video that Prairie Film Co made for our Day of Wellness! It’s sew caaute!


_ Amanda

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