Capital K Distillery Tour

The Coal and Canary team has been working, like, so hard, so we went to take a well-deserved break with our friends from Capital K Distillery, which happens to be pretty close to our warehouse! It’s Manitoba’s first and only grain-to-bottle distillery!

Our tour guide, Jesse, greeted us with a smile and so many fun facts that we had to take notes.

The best piece of information Jesse gave us was, “more starch = more sugar, more sugar = more fun."

P.S. come to our party. We are going to have a super awesome bartender there from Capital K Distillery making specialty drinks for everyone to try! Ask him about his spirits!

Other tidbits we didn’t want to forget along the way:

  • Fermentation is death.

  • Jason, the owner, worked for a bunch of craft distilleries and even volunteered his own time just to learn the tricks of the trade! He went to school a couple different places and now he owns the first grain-to-bottle distillery in Manitoba — we’ll drink to that!

  • There is a strawberry rhubarb vodka coming out, like, super soon, and we got to try it. It was freaking good and we can’t wait to buy it.

  • Ethanol is the good stuff.

  • Grandma was right, don’t drink methanol because that makes people go cray.

  • Gin and vodka are pretty much the same, but gin has botanicals. In fact, using 10 ingredients is a traditional rule, but it has to have juniper berries.

  • Capital K only produces premium products and uses locally sourced ingredients — we’ll drink to that too!

  • Premium products = less hangovers — okay, we will drink to that too.

We seriously had so much fun on this tour. Plus, it ended with sampling all the products, and we didn’t hate that. We love supporting small businesses that care about the details — just like us!

Book your tour today here! It ends in the tasting room, which was our favourite part. They even do special events and private parties!

Our only regret is that we didn't have the pickle vodka before pickle day!

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