A Plantastic Tuesday!

Remember that time we showed you how to make terrariums out of our empty Coal and Canary jars and they weren’t actually terrariums? It was just moving potted plants from one container to the other.

Whoops. Our bad.

We went seeking help from the professionals at Verde and are so jazzed to host a Plantastic Tuesday at Fools & Horses on July 18 from 7pm-9pm.

We want to get to know you! We hear all of the time how people love our Instagram stories. That’s how we get the opportunity to show you what our life is like — well, the fun parts anyways. This is our chance to get to know some of our Coal and Canary peeps. Come down for a night of laughs, creativity, bonding, and likely a few dranks.

And you get to leave with a beautiful mini terrarium with instructions from people who actually know what they are doing.

We are all about the low-maintenance life. Terrariums are perfect for us. Hopefully you will be able to use the skills you learned to make more mini terrariums with your old Coal and Canary jars! We’re going to give you fresh new ones at Plantastic Tuesday because we don’t want you to have to work to clean them out before our relaxing evening, right?

Plus, we actually need a reason for people to use the hashtag #lookamandaandtomimcreativeandImadethis because right now there are only two posts, and that’s embarrassing. Especially because we are the ones who posted them.

Book your spot on our website at coalandcanary.com under the shop tab. We only have 16 spots available!

You go girl,

Amanda + Tom

Tom and Amanda

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