4 Ways to Reuse Your C+C Jar

Coal and Canary is finally joining the blogosphere to bring you some #behindthewax action to show you what really goes on around here.

We get a lot of people asking what they should do with their empty jars, so we decided to have a little DIY day at the office.

Now, we love to Pinterest creep for ideas, but we are realistic about our artistic abilities when it comes to crafting. We’re unstoppable when it comes to designing killer labels for our candles, but we’re no Martha Stewart when it comes to terrariums and make-up brush holders.

Before you start slangin’ jars and glitter everywhere, you will need a few things:

  • One or more clean Coal and Canary jar

  • The top hits from the 90s and 2000s

  • Wine — because then you have an excuse as to why your craft looks like garbage

Terrarium stuff:

  • Tacky diamonds

  • Dollar store knick-knacks

  • Succulent

  • Hipster rope

Guys, these ones are even easier than that.


  • Flowers!

Make-up brush holder

  • Glitter, like, a lot of glitter

  • Glue

  • Paint brush

Candy dish

  • Candy!

Be prepared to have glitter everywhere and regret your decision to take on this project. Have lots of wine while you create your masterpiece, and you can use your jar as a wine cup if all else fails.

Seriously, if you have any other ways to use our jar, please let us know. Our hashtag #lookamandaandtomimcreativeandimadethis may seem like a joke, but we’re checking and are confident you guys can make pretty things and Instagram them with filters to make it look even more glorious.


Gossip Girl xoxo


Amanda and Tom

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